The Beauty of Simplicity


Fashion can be an inherently detailed art with lavish runway shows and events held in cities around the globe. But for most, simplicity trumps extravagance – style must be paired with comfort. T-shirts, the most popular garment in the world epitomizes this.

T-shirts are typically designed in a jersey woven style made of cotton and sometimes mixed with other materials that make them soft to the touch. If the quality is there, they are the ideal companion for many outfits and require little maintenance. 

There are many variations when it comes to T-shirts - from classic round neck to plunging neck, from tank top to polo – and an equal number of styles - from casual wear to edgy street fashion with knee-length designs. However, T-shirts often play the role of unsung hero, taken for granted and overlooked despite their diversity.

This diversity can also be reflected by culture, which is the case with Ginkgo T-shirts, a brand born in Vietnam, focusing on producing high-quality products. At Ginkgo, each t-shirt is a labor of love, designed with great attention paid to every step in the manufacturing process. Design, material selection and sewing techniques are all given due consideration.

Ginkgo uses soft, safe and when possible, eco-friendly materials, resulting in comfortable, breathable T-shirts. Since the company was inspired by Vietnam and its unique culture, Ginkgo’s products double as a platform for self-expression.

Though T-shirts are considered casual clothing, an out-of-shape t-shirt with loose threads give off an air of carelessness. Just because they’re casual garments doesn’t mean one must sacrifice style when wearing them. And this is nothing to say of the lack discomfort a poorly made shirt can cause. Ginkgo’s tailors always keep this in mind, paying attention to even the smallest details, whether it’s the cut, buttons, sewing or printing techniques.

Nice t-shirts are hard to find in a sea of low-quality copycats, which can be found in Vietnam’s markets and streets. Taking advantage of this retail landscape, over the past 7 years, Ginkgo T-Shirts, on the shoulders of a passionate, hardworking team, have produced high-quality, eco-friendly clothing that not only feels good, but also promotes local values and culture.