Located in the sunny central region of Vietnam, Hoi An shines with abundant charms. The Hoi An ancient town is designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is exceptionally well-preserved and filled with historic beauty. Here are 05 things you must do when visiting this unique town:

1.    Try street food – as much as you can


Here’s a fact: the best food in Vietnam is street food. Bonus when you’re in Saigon: you’d find every region’s street food here, from Hanoi’s “bun cha” to Hue’s “bun bo”. Saigon just takes it all in, keep some original, adjust some to better fit Southern appetite, and that’s how you get different tastes when trying the same dish at different places. Because it’s so diverse and delicious in its own way, even picky eaters will surely find something delicious in the street courts of Vietnam.

An ice cream man on the street of Vietnam


Everybody has been really familiar with cotton, or even organic cotton, state the fact that an average person owns more than 10 T-shirts. Cotton is nice, soft, durable and very comfortable to wear. But things can get even better.

Let’s meet a really cool member of the cotton family: Supima. Supima is an American premium-grown cotton that is famous for its amazing quality. It’s not called “Cashmere of the Cotton” for no reason.


You can’t actually capture all the beauty Vietnam has to offer behind glass windows or riding on a motorbike with a helmet on your head. A cyclo slowly takes you down the streets, in this case, will surely do the trick.

Cyclo is a three-wheel bicycle taxi that appeared in Vietnam during the French colonial. It looks somewhat different depending where you are, in the North or in the South. 


Cyclo in Hanoi



Fashion can be an inherently detailed art with lavish runway shows and events held in cities around the globe. But for most, simplicity trumps extravagance – style must be paired with comfort. T-shirts, the most popular garment in the world epitomizes this.

T-shirts are typically designed in a jersey woven style made of cotton and sometimes mixed with other materials that make them soft to the touch. If the quality is there, they are the ideal companion for many outfits and require little maintenance.