From Iconic Street Scene to Hybrid T-Shirt: The Journey of a Ginkgo Design

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A street cart crammed with all the fresh ingredients and utensils needed for a scrumptious meal parked beside hungry guests enjoying their dishes on plastic tables beneath a bright red flag: it’s as iconic a street scene as possible in Vietnam.

It also provided inspiration for one of Ginkgo’s most popular T-shirts, which is part of a new series that introduces an exciting style blending photographs with embroidery.

How exactly does the scene go from a photograph to a comfortable shirt one can wear? All of Ginkgo’s designs are collaborative efforts, with designers and team members meeting to brainstorm ideas and then share in-progress concepts for feedback and refinement. This particular shirt is part of the 13-year-old company’s dedication to drawing inspiration from, and celebrating, local culture. A basket teeming with bright tropical fruits balanced on a vendor’s shoulder; pedestrians waiting to enter the hectic crossing behind Benh Thanh Market; and a motorbike racing down a street: the other photos in this collection reveal the elements of daily life that are entwined with the brand’s DNA.

The origins of embroidery in Vietnam are unknown, but for centuries, artisans in the country have employed the eye-catching technique for clothing and homewares. It makes sense for Ginkgo to add it to their repertoire, considering their commitment to honoring, preserving and evolving local artists and styles. The bold red embroidery adds a fun and colorful streak of style to the monochrome photo, magnifying the artistry inherent in the image.