It's S-s-s-summertime! (Ginkgo Playlist Snippet)

Thomas Colliers

“This summer is vibin’ so hard right now!”


For songs that speak of the season in such a way that you have to pack all of your sentiments in one crude exclamation, the spirit of summer is bustling. Tired of mainstream Latino and Tropical/Bass house over-saturating the radio? Take a stride in your brand new kicks on the streets swinging to this mix of hard hittin’ and mellow indie hits.



Bleu Toucan – Hanoï Café: While the French electro pop duo are no stranger to features on summer playlists, Hanoï Café is a captivating tune for almost any season. The soft landing of bass notes and dreamlike vocals is a perfect background for a cheesy drink at a beachside bar.

Bluemato – Tonight: Vietnamese rock scene has enjoyed a thorough renaissance over the years with several notable artists and bands starting to push their own experiments with modern sounds. It’s almost impossible to stop tapping fingers to the raw, lo-fi vibes fused with catchy guitar riffs and playful keyboard notes. Think old-school Kaiser Chiefs meet contemporary The 1975, with lots more emotions, unhinged and unedited.

The Kooks – Naïve: There is always something irresistible in Luke Pritchard’s gritty vocal. The song has been a club banger for years already, but doesn’t every summer need a sad story being told in an upbeat, peppy narrative?

Calvin Harris – Merrymaking At My Place: Long before making his way to global prominence as a DJ/producer dishing out electro house bangers, Calvin Harris was fiddling with nu-disco and dance-pop. If you’re planning a throwback 90’s-theme house party, put this on repeat.

Childish Gambino – Summertime Magic: an R&B tune that is magically mellow and emotionally intense at the same time. Hold on to your Beach Martini or Mai Tai and sway to Donald Glover’s newest invention of Summer.

Asa – Shine Your Light: Asa’s signature falsetto sets the mood for a real summer staple. A night out of sangria sippin’ and jazz swaying, this song is your soundtrack.

Andreya Triana – Freedom: Refreshing R&B tune that is a totally dancefloor-anthem material. “Freedom feels good to me” – this classic summer vibe has never been sung better.


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