Ginkgo Manufacturing is born from our will to control the production of our collections and to be able to offer garments 100% made in Vietnam, in correct conditions and focusing on the quality. We are proud to put our experience at our partners' disposal in order to help them developing their brand and producing their own range of apparels. Our entire production is proudly made in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam.

Minimum order quantity (MOQ) is 5,000pcs/ design with Ginkgo's currently available fabric and cutting style. Orders from 15,000pcs/ design will be offered customized fabric.


6 core values

    Fair trade
    Reliability & trust

Our products

How it is made

Pattern, cutting, trimming
Printing, embroidery


  • Basic

    Ginkgo Basic fabric has always been our bread and butter. It is made from soft, durable and comfortable woven cotton, perfect for any climate.

  • Spandex

    Light, durable and comfortable to wear, with excellent elasticity and color maintaining ability.

  • Special

    Ginkgo Special is a thinner and softer cotton jersey produced with advanced technology. This knit feels soft, cool and comfortable against the skin.

  • Supima

    The world's finest cotton, Supima has better strength, softness maintains brilliant colors more that any other cotton fabric. It’s soft, durable, light and breathable while still providing great warmth.

  • Organic

    100% pure GOTS-certified organic cotton produced without artificial pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers.

  • and more...

    Contact us, we can work any kind of fabrics.

Proudly made in Vietnam


Over the years, Ginkgo has filled its lookbook with unique, eye-catching designs.

Inspired by the long-lasting yet ever changing cultures of thousands years old Asian countries, especially Vietnam, as well as diverse styles, Ginkgo lookbook goes from idyllic to gaudy, ordinary to extraordinary, and simply beautiful to impressive. There’s something for everyone in here, waiting to be discovered.

Ready to download

Why should you work with us

First thing

We have over 8 years experience in fashion and retail, that means that we perfectly understand your needs for sample, respect of timeframes and quality.


Our design team can come up with good ideas for your products, patterns, logos or even packaging, tailored for your personal market

For that

We manage your production the same way we drive our own, that means with the upmost attention to detail, and that's what makes the difference.

We also focus on good communication between us, that's the key of success. You can easily reach us by phone, mail, Skype; talk to us in English, Vietnamese, French or Spanish; you are also welcome to meet us at our office in Ho Chi Minh city. We will be glad to meet you.

Work with us in 5 steps

Fill out the sample and quotation request and send it to us (a copy will also be sent to your mailbox). Please be as precise as possible.
As soon as we receive your request we will study your file and come back to you directly for more informations, within one week for a quotation and two weeks for the sample.
We send you back the samples and quotations for your validation.
Once you validate the layout, we can start the process of production. If not, we start the whole process again to be able to reach your expectations.
We send your products to your warehouse as the payment's made.

Customer services

Customer satisfaction policy

Reliability is for us the core value in a good and healthy relationship between customers and suppliers, as we acknowledge that the fashion industry is growing very fast, the trends are always moving and you need to provide the most suitable product for the moment movement. In order to achieve this goal you need to be able to rely on your business partner. That is why we take the best care to answer your request as precisely as possible and respect the timeframe agreed.

Our sales service will always be reachable to answer your questions and feedback to advancement of your production. Our sample room allows us to provide top quality samples in the best delays. Our whole team will cooperate in order to achieve this standard of reliability, because we know that the performance is a global process, from sourcing to retailing.

Our marketing and design team offers to guide you in the establishment of your product. Our 8-year experience in branding, designing and packaging can help you in developing your products to the success.


By air

International Freight

Transit time : 4 – 6 days, depending on destination.

Best for small orders.

By sea

International Freight

Transit time : 3 – 7 weeks, depending on destination.

Best for orders with more than 2000 pieces.

By city post

Local Freight (Standard and Express)

Transit time : 2 – 4 days, depending on destination.


Customer testimony

Olivier. Sergent Tobogo

"When I launched Sergent Tobogo, it has been quite long and difficult for me to find the good partner, someone who could provide quality T-shirts and ensure a total transparancy over the working and production conditions. I have instantly been seduced by the "human" management surrounding Ginkgo during my first visit in Vietnam in 2014, and the global quality of the products and services has won me over.

Thanks to the French/English speaking team, we could set up a collaboration sticking at the upmost to my needs and expectations. After one year and a half working together, and despite the 9000 km separating us, I only bring back positiveness and I am very happy to have a trustfull partner for now and the future."


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Ginkgo T-Shirts Co. LTD

Manufacturing Service Department

Office: Centec Tower, 72-74 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai St., District 3, HCMC, Vietnam

Tel: (+84)28 38 38 61 61


Office hours: 8H00-18H00 (GMT+7) 5 days/week