Street Food All The Way!


Here’s a fact: the best food in Vietnam is street food. Bonus when you’re in Saigon: you’d find every region’s street food here, from Hanoi’s “bun cha” to Hue’s “bun bo”. Saigon just takes it all in, keep some original, adjust some to better fit Southern appetite, and that’s how you get different tastes when trying the same dish at different places. Because it’s so diverse and delicious in its own way, even picky eaters will surely find something delicious in the street courts of Vietnam.

An ice cream man on the street of Vietnam

There are countless street food dishes. To name a few, there are the popular pho, banh mi and other rice noodles dishes, along with sweet snacks such as sweet tofu that will satisfy your sweet tooth. Street food is sold, of course, on the streets. It can be a stall, a hawker, or a glass window cabinet with a few sets of plastic tables and mini plastic chairs around. It may look not as fancy, but we can assure you, the taste is unique. You can’t say you’ve experienced Vietnam without having sit on a plastic chair on the side walk, watch your coffee dripping calmly in the fast pacing life; or enjoy the spicy and aromatic “canh bun” – crab and morning glory noodle soup – in a tiny alley in the middle of Hanoi. If you’re in search for some adventure, try some ballut, snails, durian and rice noodles with shrimp paste. They’re not for everyone’s taste, but who knows, it could be your new favorite food.

People enjoying rice noodles on the sidewalk


Since the Vietnamese also cares about what’s they’re putting in their mouth, the street food here is relatively clean and fresh. The sellers have to constantly improve their food, and sometimes their locations and surrounding to attract more customers, because the competition is quite hard. It’d be best if you have some local friends to walk you through all that, but if not, here’s a cool list of must-try food in Vietnam:

Just get out of the more travelled by road and follow your taste buds, you won’t regret it.


*Image: Photo by Julie West | The Simple Veganista on Flickr

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