our story

  • 2006 - One French guy came to Vietnam and wanted to buy some good t-shirts with cute designs as souvenirs, but could not find one. And an idea was born.
  • With big help from his girlfriend, they opened the first Ginkgo T-shirts shop: 6 square meters, located in Pham Ngu Lao street of Saigon, in August 8th, 2007
  • Starting off with only 10 designs, success came fast as they sold tens of t-shirts on the first day! They were sitting in front of the shop looking at all the customers buying, and the adventure began.
  • Because Ginkgo offers high quality t-shirts with unique designs inspired by Vietnam's vivid culture, it's been receiving love and support from customers since the beginning.
  • All this time, it's their passion for environment protection and fair trade that form Ginkgo's business philosophy and success.
  • Motivated by the love of locally made products, they developed an idea of an entire store dedicated to high quality and creative products 100% made in Vietnam
  • In 2013, Ginkgo Concept Store was born in HCMC. With culture-driven items from more than 25 brands, the space puts cultural cachet up front for an amazing exploration. 

  • In 2014, a new branch grows on the Ginkgo tree: Ginkgo Voyage. A Vietnam-based, professional tourism agency, created to offer special travelling options and unique adventures

  • With a desire to further promote Vietnam culture - the rich soil in which Ginkgo blooms, in August 2016, a brand new 300m2 Ginkgo Concept Store filled with items made in Vietnam is opened right in the heart of Saigon

  • Today, Ginkgo T-Shirts has 10 stores throughout Vietnam, and the story continues...                                                                                                                       

our team

Ginkgo would not be where it is today without its passionate team members. At Ginkgo, humans are the greatest resource, as everyone is given the chance to gain valuable experience and refine their skills.

Work @ ginkgo

Ready for a career in a colorful exciting environment ?

Sales Supervisor


-       Approach, counsel and introduce Company products to store visitors in order to win customer satisfaction and achieve sales target

-        Maintain, update customer database and seek for opportunities to develop new business

-       Be mainly responsible for stock safety in quality and quantity

-       Be responsible for stock audit at store as per Company policy

-       Transfer revenue to Head office as regulated

-       Order merchandises from Warehouse, crosscheck delivery, ensure merchandises are available for sales at store

-       Ensure store tidiness, product display, frontage, proper music as per regulated by the Company

-       Ensure store safety by fire/flooding prevention, security management

-       Take initiative to fix minor break-downs and report to Area Sales Manager of such maintenance/repurchasing

-       Record, resolve and report to the Area Sales Manager of any problem arising from store operation, provide guidance and support to coach, train, counsel, recruit and discipline employees

-       Supervise and ensure customer service at store meets Company standard

-       Support in setting up and revising sales-related policies such as survey, membership program, commission schemes, aftersales services…

-       Report to Area Sales Manager of area competition if needed

-       In charge of any other tasks assigned by the Area Sales Manager and the BOM



-       College/ University degree

-       Good English communication skill

-       At least 2 years at similar role

-       Agility, good teamwork and organization skill

-       Detail oriented

-       Hard-working and honest


LOCATIONS: Nha Trang, Hoi An and Ho Chi Minh City



Human Resource Manager

- Coordinate the HR and general Admin duties in the company
- Manage company’s recruitment process: prepare Job advertising, select CVs, interview candidates, etc.
- Arrange employment contracts, follow up probation, social benefits and payroll execution.
- Manage staff performance review meeting, and administer discipline matters.
- Manage staff evaluation
- Support English translation when needed
- Report all HR issues and activities to BOD
- Manage all the payments to ensure services are provided continuously
- Develop and implement Human Resources Strategies in support of the company's vision, mission and strategy
- Keep staff database in filing, both hard copy and soft copy
- Coordinate in organizing staff activities/ functions
- Analyze, develop and maintain employee engagement system for a great workplace
-Manage and update documents; set up and control office procedures
- Execute and supervise the Organization Development plan of the company

- Updating labor Code, Social insurance Code
- Updating employees hand’s book
- Labor contract
- Evaluation and review for probation period, renew contract
- Advise and implement appraisal, promote and warning case
- Being in charge of all documents for Expatriate
- Solving any problems concerning to labor
- Holding and request for the company event: YEP
- Office facilities
- Other tasks assigned by management : Interpreter, minute of meeting, translate documents

What You Are Good At

• Excellent Working knowledge of Microsoft Office
• At least 5 years of working experience in Human Resources/ Admin
• Strong verbal and written English language skills
• A positive and flexible working attitude, professionalism and punctuality
• Honest & careful
• Good organization, coordination, planning and project management skills with deep procedural knowledge.
• Good knowledge of Vietnamese Labor Law, Insurance Laws
• Ability to work in a team, as well as independently
• Ability to follow directions and work under tight time constraints
• Interest in fashion is a plus

Marketing Manager



  • Identifying target markets and how best to reach them
  • Understanding current and potential customers
  • Managing the customer journey (customer relationship management)
  • Making customer focused decisions


  • Researching and analyzing market trends
  • Developing and implement the sales and marketing strategy and plan for company's product and services
  • Instilling a marketing led ethos throughout the business
  • Researching and reporting on external opportunities
  • Planning campaigns and managing budgets
  • Promotional
  • Advertising plan & strategies


  • Designing social media strategies
  • Managing website and develop SEO strategies


  • Attending trade shows, conferences and sales meetings
  • Organize and manage events
  • Networking
  • Sponsoring
  • Co-branding


  • Making sure that campaigns run to deadline and are on budget
  • Management of the marketing mix
  • Managing a team of marketing executives and assistants


  • Monitoring and reporting on the effectiveness of strategies and campaigns
  • Writing copy
  • Approving images
  • Developing guidelines


•        Excellent English and Vietnamese spoken and written communication skills

•        A creative approach

•        Good organizational and planning skills

•        The ability to lead and motivate a team

•        Drive, motivation and initiative

•        The confidence to 'sell' your ideas

•        Attention to detail

•        Good business sense and budgeting skills

•        High interest in fashion and retail business

•        University degree or post-graduate degree in Marketing and communication

•        At least 5 years solid working experience in the marketing and communication field

•        Experience in supervising and managing staff

•        Strong effective communicator and demonstrated ability to increase productivity

•        Proven experience in customer and market research    

•        Communication, computer, organization, negotiation, problem solving, analysis, planning        

•        Being creative, energetic, innovative and able to work independently or teamwork under pressure   

Salary and conditions of work will be discussed in interview.


Sales and Marketing Executive


- Take care of Internet orders/ Xử lý các đơn hàng online

-  Update website (photos and content) in sync with collection launching/ Cập nhật thông tin, hình ảnh sản phẩm

-  Be responsible for Internet stock, making sure it’s updated/ Chịu trách nhiệm quản lý kho hàng Internet, đảm bảo cập nhật đầy đủ hàng hóa

-  Asnwer customers’ enquiries via email and live chat/ Nhận và trả lời yêu cầu của khách hàng qua email và live chat

-  Do monthly report/ Làm báo cáo chi tiết hàng tháng

-  Boost Internet sale to reach monthly and annual target/ Thúc đẩy doanh số bán hàng online, đạt mục tiêu hàng tháng và hàng năm


- Assist Marketing activities: surveys, events, photoshoot, materials management/ Hỗ trợ các hoạt động Marketing: khảo sát thị trường, tổ chức event, tổ chức chương trình quảng bá, photoshoot, quản lý vật liệu, tài liệu Marketing.


-  Take care of hotline/ Trả lời điện thoại hotline

-  Take care of basic office’s affairs: managing 
documents, allowances, etc./ Xử lý các công việc hành chính văn phòng cơ bản: quản lý tài liệu, quỹ hang tháng, etc.


New graduates or 1 year experience, with Marketing background is a plus/ Mới tốt nghiệp hoặc có 1 năm kinh nghiệm. Có nền tảng Marketing là lợi thế.

Relevant training and qualification/ Bằng cấp liên quan

Experience with Microsoft Office/ Thành thạo tin học văn phòng

Proficient in Englis/ Tiếng Anh lưu loát

Planning and organizing/ Lên kế hoạch, sắp xếp công việc

Time management/ Quản lý thời gian tốt

Supportive, initiative and proactive/ Chủ động trong công việc

Business mindset with a team spirit/ Tư duy kinh doanh, tinh thần làm việc đội nhóm cao

Attention to details/ Chú ý chi tiết.




Sales Staff


- Greet customers and assist what each customer wants or needs. 

- Describe product and explain use, operation, and care of product to customers. 

- Recommend, select, and help locate or obtain product based on customer needs and desires. 

- Compute sales prices, total purchases, and receive and process cash payment. Input all sales in EBIZ software.

- Answer questions regarding the store and its product.

- Ensure store cleanliness and tidiness.


- Gross Salary: 4,000,000 -  4.200.000  VND/month (full-time)

- Monthly commission based on sale achievement.

- Rotating shift-work: part-time (at least 3 shifts and 32 hours/week) or full-time (48 hours/week)

- Purchase of company products (t-shirt, shorts, hats, others) at staff price.


- Self-learning, and highly responsible.

- Opportunity to exchange and improve language skills 

- Work directly with foreign customers

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Over the years, Ginkgo has filled its lookbook with unique, eye-catching designs.

Inspired by the long-lasting yet ever changing cultures of thousands years old Asian countries, especially Vietnam, as well as diverse styles, Ginkgo lookbook goes from idyllic to gaudy, ordinary to extraordinary, and simply beautiful to impressive. There’s something for everyone in here, waiting to be discovered.

Ready to download


Vietnam’s four major cities can now fit perfectly in your pocket. Our maps are beautifully designed and feature all the tips and coolest attractions they have to offer, making your time here unforgettable.



  • Reward


    This reward card is available for our Customer at any Ginkgo Store.

    This Reward card will be used to record and accumulate purchasing amount, help you keep track with your purchase and let you know when to upgrade the card.

  • S-Leaf (5% discount)


    When your billing amount worth minimum 5 millions VND in one time, or when your Reward card marks 10 millions VND worth of purchase, you’ll get the S-Leaf card.

    Your S-Leaf card helps you to continue to accumulate your purchasing amount. Moreover, this S-Leaf card comes with a discount of 5% on billing amount.

  • G-Leaf (10% discount)


    You’ve been loving Ginkgo T-Shirts, and your billing amount worth minimum 10 millions in one time or you’ve already got 20 millions VND of purchasing amount. It’s time to get your G - Leaf card.

    This G - Leaf card comes with a discount of 10% on billing amount.

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